Due Diligence, Upgraded

Sourcexperts supercharge your due diligence process with hundreds of data points and insights using our AI and proprietary machine learning algorithms.

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For Venture Capital and Private Equity

Better data-driven decisions, faster

Get a second opinion on a traction, customer satisfaction, and product development speed.

Catch Red Flags.

The traction data will be verified to ensure you have a complete picture.

Understand competitors.

Every data point we collect comes with a benchmark against a peer group. You'll know if there is a better deal in the same market.

Personal approach.

While our AI and ML algorithms automate many processes, every report undergoes human verification for accuracy.

GitHub Insights

A Look Beyond Stars

Fake Stars Assessment.
We use clustering algorithm and our proprietary dataset to detect fake stars.
Product velocity.
Understand how fast product evolves and benchmark it against competitors.
Stars Insights.
Learn more about stargazers: where they are located, where they work and what they do.
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Community Insights

A Look Beyond Size

We scrape and analyze all messages within Discord and Slack communities, so you get:

Daily Active Writers.
The best metric to evaluate how active a community is over time.
Sentiment Analysis.
Gauge the overall mood and sentiment within a community over time
Most Discussed Topics.
Understand how customers actually use the product.
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Right where your users are

Insights from all over the Web

We collect and extract insights from multiple sources where your company has presense.

Hacker News.
We extract unstructured data about company launch and turn it into structured data insights coupled with sentiment analysis.
Product Hunt.
We extract structured (upvotes) and unstructured (comments) data about company launch and turn it into structured insights.
App Reviews.
Understand customer satisfaction using our app reviews insights tools.
Usage Data.
Get a better understanding of downloads across multiple sources over time.

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